The gift that is Advent

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and my general motto “more is more” is never truer than in December. We have a big house, and so we have to have a lot of decorations. It’s logic, you see?

Silly Advent pig candle stick from my childhood. *Sigh* 🙂






Aaaand snow! Nowadays it’s not always a given during Advent, so I’m really pleased that we got a fluffy white layer for the start of the Christmas season.





Sometimes I hear people say that they can’t summon any Christmas feeling, and then when you have a look at their house, there isn’t any Christmas Stuff. Well, duh. Christmas doesn’t just happen. It’s up to us to create it!


Which is why I’m sharing a silly little video of me doing just that. 🙂 (And listening to some music that has nothing to do with Christmas but which has still become tradition for me at this time of year. Not logical!)

Here’s wishing you a lovely holiday season, whichever way you celebrate!


Good morning

Yes, jackpot! It’s always a gamble when you’re trying to capture a specific kind of light from a specific place. Sometimes you make that half hour trek and the sun is swallowed by clouds before you’ve arrived, but this morning I was there.

And here is today’s harvest.




As I turned homewards, the intensity melted into a lovely pinkish purple, and then the clouds closed over the landscape – preparing to give us some SNOW! Hoping to show the results in my next post. 🙂



Princess of Swords

A rebel and a free-thinker. A girl who sees through the bullshit – all the bullshit, even the well-meaning bullshit. Can be a pain in the arse, a know-it-all, a party-pooper. But never let it be said that her heart clouds her mind.


Oh my, this is a cool one. Walks her own path and chooses loneliness over a cage. Her sword is still small, because she doesn’t know everything, and she can jump to the wrong conclusions because it’s just so fun to jump. But tell her how she’s wrong, backed up with facts, and she’ll have no trouble changing her mind. After all, her mind is her biggest asset, and who wouldn’t want to develop that?

Moon drops

We’ve been slighted by the super moon – yesterday all you could see was a blanket of clouds. Tonight the blanket has thinned somewhat, and the quite ordinary-looking but still spectacular-as-always moon is peeping through.


It’s November with a vengeance. Gothic weather and darkness enough to satisfy the most ravenous nyctophile.


On a night like this, a simple stroll through the village has the feel of a Hallmark postcard.


I love the contrast between the cold glare of the moon and the orange glow of the streetlamps. As if painted by a master.



Fumbling through the darkness

As always, my creative endeavours mirror real life. I’m struggling to find a way to photograph the night, and at the same time, I’m dealing with some personal darkness that has nothing to do with the camera.


And smack bang in the middle of these unexpectedly rough times, my dissertation deadline is looming. Next Wednesday marks the end of writing, rewriting and polishing. By then, it has to be done, even though parts of it still feel as confusing as an out-of-focus tangle of branches.


I will do it. I know I will. But I’m running on fumes, looking at my own words as if through a haze of clouds. Wondering what on earth I’m trying to say.


Yes, it’s safe to say that the final six months of my doctoral studies did not turn out the way I thought they would. Between my back pain and family trouble, my schedule has been shot to hell. But hey, it’s just a dissertation – the least important part of my life. And outside my window, there’s still a wealth of beauty. In a few days, I might head out and look at it.


Soul candles

This weekend was All Hallow’s Eve, which means that people lighted candles on the graves of their loved ones. They’re still burning tonight.


It’s such a pretty, melancholic sight: all those candles, symbolizing people who are no longer here, but who are still remembered with love. The ground covered in white as if to lull them to sleep.


In a way, it resembles Good Friday: a moment of calm, of reflection, before the joyous season begins.


And I’m happy to say that things are looking good in that department, judging by the snowfall. 🙂